The town of Laino Borgo is nestled in the Pollino National Park, UNESCO World Geopark. It’s located in northern Calabria, on the border with Basilicata.

The Bed&Breakfast is just a few minutes’ drive from the town center. It’s in the heart of a 22 hectare estate crossed by the Lao River.                                                                                                                                          

The accommodations are in the shade of an oak tree more than three hundred years old. The tree is a monument protected by the Pollino Park Authority and the State Forestry Corps. The rooms overlook a vast walnut grove of more than 1,000 trees.

The B&B is mt. 500 from provincial road 241 (former Calabrian State Road No. 19) and km 8 from the freeway junction of Laino Borgo – A3 SA-RC (currently A2 Mediterranean).


– The area  is crossed by two rivers, Lao and Jannello. It’s great for practicing: Rafting, Hiking, Trekking on the Pollino, Bird Watching, Bike Tours, Quad, Horse ride… The B&B has agreements with companies and guides that offer these services.

– The B&B is a stopover point on the Calabrian Parks Cycle Path: http://www.cicloviaparchicalabria.it https://www.repubblica.it/green-and-blue/2021/09/18/news/ciclovia_dei_parchi_della_calabria_da_laino_borgo_a_morano_calabro-318025384/

– We suggest you to visit (by car) the charming villages of Morano Calabro, Civita and Viggianello listed among the “Most Beautiful Villages in Italy”; Laino Castello Vecchio, Mormanno, Rotonda…

– If you are a see lovers, it is really worth a 45-minute drive to discover the beauty of Maratea, Praia a mare  San Nicola Arcella, Scalea…


Pollino Museum of Natural History in Rotonda:  https://www.isentieridelpollino.it/musei-archeologici-parco-pollino/museo-storia-naturale-del-pollino-rotonda.html http://www.graffiti4smartcity.it/progetti/rotonda/museo-naturalistico-e-palentologico/ http://www.comune.rotonda.pz.it/zf/index.php/servizi-aggiuntivi/index/index/idservizio/20036/idtesto/41

Castrovillari Archaeological Museum:  http://www.museoarcheologicocastrovillari.it/museo/museo.htm

Museums in the village of Civita:  https://www.prolocodicivita.it/musei-di-civita.html

Romito Cave: https://www.grottaromito.com/it   https://www.sitiarcheologiciditalia.it/grotta-del-romito/

Catasta Pollino:  https://catastapollino.com/chi-siamo/

Lavender Park:  https://parcodellalavanda.it/ 

– VILLAGE FESTIVALS: depending on when you visit, you can participate in the village festivals that take place during the course of the summer and especially in August. We will get you a calendar with all the best events taking place in the surrounding area.

– FOR MOTORCYCLE LOVERS: https://www.inmoto.it/news/turismo/2017/09/081034471/mtedamoto_la_calabria_dal_pollino_al_mare

Check out these links to discover the wonders of this area and all the activities to participate in!













Breakfast includes sweet and savory local products, selected to introduce you to the ancient flavors of the area.

The baked goods meats and cheeses are handmade according to tradition and packaged in the area by small local producers who use only the highest quality materials.  We offer Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Kosher, Halal or Lactose Free breakfast. We just ask you the kindness to let us know when you make your reservation so that we can provide you with a tasty and quality offering.

La Quercia sul Lao is happy to welcome all four-legged friends. If you notify us before your arrival we will set up bowls and kennels to best pamper your pet. If you bring your dog with you, we ask that you keep him on a leash in the common areas. If you want to let him run around the estate you are welcome, we only ask that you take care to pick up his droppings and keep him on a leash when in close proximity to other guests. If you need to be separated from him for the day, don’t worry! We offer a dog-sitting service with drop-off in the evening for a small fee of €7.00.

If you are planning an extended stay between the sea and the mountains, don’t hesitate to write us! We have an agreement with a charming B&B in Praia a Mare.If you want to take a trip to Praia a mare remember that the B&B has an agreement with the best-kept beach establishment on the coast!

You can buy the ETROG for Sukkot in the village of S. Maria del cedro.

The complimentary bath products you will find are environmentally friendly: made from raw materials of plant and organic origin. 
They are dermocompatible, nickel, cobalt, chromium tested (value less than 0.2 PPM) and hypoallergenic on sensitive skin. No: sulfates, LES/SLES/SLS or similar, PEGs, silicones, thiazolinones, chemical solvents, thickeners and dyes.

The products are certified to guarantee health and environmental protection.

ICEA: ensures that products and production processes respect human health and environment and guarantees the use of the best plant-based raw materials.

SKINECO: international association of eco-dermatology regulates the eco-dermocompatibility of products by evaluating their environmental impact and interaction on the skin with specific tests.

VEGAN OK: verifies that the certified company’s products do not contain substances of animal origin or involve killing, keeping or exploiting animals.